Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Why I HATE Hip-Hop

As explained by Natasha Leggero, the most hilarious woman on the planet. (Bitch stole my act!)


dappervirgo said...

I found this clip pretty funny (and true) but what she was talking about is not real hip hop.

shes talking about pop rap that is made for radio. it's called hip hope because it uses a style of singing called "rapping" that was original with REAL hip-hop in the 80s.

Real hip-hop is not covers of other songs like she explained it to be. it's totally original and its not about instruments its more about beats. thats where R/B comes into play.rhythm & blues. It's just a different kind of music.

Anyone can pick up a guitar and create a rift or a sound and make it into a song (well not anyone) but i think it takes MUCH more talent for someone to go into a recording studio and make songs purely out of beats and noises off the top of their head. thats the stuff of a genius.

50 Cent and T.I. are not hip hop. they are rap stars.

Also, hip hop is not just music it is a culture that includes fashion, music, and lifestyle.

Madonna doesn't use instruments in most of her stuff. at least not in the studio. does she not qualify as music?

just my 2 cents

alnhouston said...

thank you for the smile:) I love Madonna.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dappervirgo's missing the point is almost as annoying a hip hop music.

Anonymous said...

i agree. dappervirgo, it doesnt matter if its technically hip hop, pop rap, or rap. it all sounds like shit.

James said...

Now. Now. Now. If someone had a funny riff about why he/she hates Madonna must of you here would lose it :-)

Good music crosses all boundaries. I'm a jazz fan myself (I want to have Cassandra Wilson's baby and my parents to be Lester Young and Billie Holiday), but I'm sure Dapp could lead us to some hip-hop that even you guys would like.

And while we are on the topic of music, isn't "disco sucks" and "I hate rap" kissing cousins? And yes you bitta queens.I'm old enough to remember how I had to defend disco!


dappervirgo said...

James.... i agree with you %100

i am really not THAT big a fan of hiphop but i have an appreciation for all types of music though. it is apart of me i can't deny.

Kenneth Walsh said...

It's a stand-up COMEDY routine, people. Lighten up!

James said...


You are right. It is a stand-up routine. And it's funny, but come on. How many of your readers would be saying the same thing if someone made fun of Madonna? Honestly!?


sandy said...

Kenneth makes fun of Madonna ALL THE TIME (have you ever read this blog before?) and they keep a-comin' back for more ...

augustburns2 said...

Hahaha! Love it! She's very clever!

paul said...

The difference between disco, which is some of the most glorious music ever made, and hip hop is that the people who created the disco music were actual songwriters, musicians and talented singers.

The talentless hip hop people literally steal the best part of the disco artists' songs and talk over them...usually saying really stupid and cliched shit.

Trying to compare the two is like saying that the real Marilyn Monroe is the equivalent of a 350 pound drag queen dressed as Marilyn Monroe...or the shriveled cum rag called Madonna.

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