Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank God It's 'Friday'

"Friday Night Lights" makes its long-awaited return to the boob tube tonight. (It's truly the best show on TV.) In celebration, New York magazine caught up with its hottest star, Taylor Kitsch, in which they describe a recent scene I stumbled upon not too long ago:

There’s an episode in the new season of Friday Night Lights in which Tim Riggins, the bad boy with a goldenish heart, visits New York with his wheelchair-bound friend Jason Street. The odd couple roams midtown in search of a decent suit for a job interview. Riggins is supposed to look like a Texas fish out of water—the local football star from the depressed fictional town of Dillon cut down to size by the big, slick city. And yet as he ambles through Times Square, surrounded by pedestrian extras, ridiculously hot even in his Hicksville plaid shirt, he just can’t help looking like a star.

Indeed. Read the full article HERE.
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Peterio said...

This season rocked.

Anonymous said...

KTZ, you just can't resist a story about handicapped people with positive attitudes. I love that about you. dbphx