Monday, January 26, 2009

Face Value

To answer Us Weekly's pressing question -- Did Tom Cruise diet or have plastic surgery? -- my (recently shed) gut (oh, and my BRAIN) tells me it's the former. (Us concurs.) This post is for all my detractors who think I "hate" fatties because I call them out on their "I only eat celery while on the treadmill seven days a week" bullshit. I don't hate anyone (well, maybe smokers). All I'm saying is that there is NO SUCH THING as someone "who can eat anything" and "someone who can eat one M&M and gain 10 pounds." It's bullshit. EVERYONE has to work at being in shape. (Notice I didn't say we all can or should be 100 pounds dripping wet.) People always think that I'm "lucky to be so thin." But all it took for me to gain an easy 25 pounds in '07 was a few months of not going to the gym regularly and making bad food choices (which would have seemed like a STARVATION DIET compared with what most Americans eat). Once I'd had enough of my gross stomach I started running on the treadmill again (Monday through Friday) and returned to my old, smarter eating patterns, and the weight was gone. Move more, eat less. It works every time. Just ask Tom Cruise.

No about-face from this former fattie ...


Sam said...

Stairmaster or elliptical trainer 5 days a week and thinking before stuffing my mouth and I took off 10 pounds this fall. It's no great mystery.

Mister S said...

Well, there were some people hinting that he did have a little freshening up done last year.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ken, you look great. And much younger!

I too let go of my good eating habits and gym. I returned this year (now on week 4) and I can tell the difference big time. I was never fat, but at least the little belly gone.

EXERCISE - wieghts and cardio

GOOD EATING HABITS (vege even better)

And Presto the weight does come out.



DM Lollipop said...

u dont look fattie in the "old" picture... u were and still a cutie n_n

Chris in L.A. said...

Love your blog, but you very clearly have issues to resolve in this area. Always look forward to visiting your blog, but this post was hostile and actually made you look ugly and shallow.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Chris in L.A.: I'm not gonna lie, being called "shallow" by someone in L.A. is a strange form of praise. But all kidding aside, I've re-read this REALLY OLD post and do not understand why it would make you react that way. It's like fatties and Islamic terrorists are the two subjects gays and liberals cannot be honest about. Read what Carrie Fisher said this week about her sudden weight loss -- she ate less and moved more. What is wrong with the truth here?

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