Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the Same Strip Mall as the Zelda Fitzgerald Center for Mental Well-Being

Just saw in The Buzz section of the new Inside Tennis that Ed Begley Jr. Bjorn Borg has launched a new dating service, Love for All, whose motto is "THE DATING SITE WITH 100% GUARANTEED SUCCESS." I mean really, who better than the oft-near-bankrupt former heartthrob Swede, whose success in the romance department rivals only that of his results at the U.S. Open: His marriage to his childhood sweetheart, tennis player Mariana Simionescu, ended in divorce after he fathered a child with Jannike Bjorling, a teenager he met while judging a wet T-shirt competition (she was a contestant). That also did not last -- surprise! -- but an ugly custody battle for their son, Robin, dragged on for years. In 1989 Borg was married for a second time, to Loredana Berte, a messy Italian rock star who used to appear half-naked and doused in glitter on the cover of her albums. (Her signature song was "Non sono una signora" -- "I Am Not a Lady.") The same year he wed her Borg was taken to a Milan hospital where he had to have his stomach pumped after a drug overdose. (Naturally, Borg denies it was suicide attempt.) Borg divorced Loredana in 1993.. He married wife No. 3, Patricia Ostfeldt, in 2003, and their son, Leo, was born the following year. (They were apparently still together as of post time.)
So where do you sign up, you ask? Right HERE! Of course, as this ad indicates, you guys won't have the same problems you've been having with the cult leader over at eHarmony:


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Anonymous said...

and you get a discount if you are wearing underwear by Bjorn Borg...


I'm going to hold out for underwear and dating designed by BJORK!