Wednesday, November 26, 2008

He's a Hitter

Well, Joshua Walter, our "gangster" teen model, doesn't seem to be taking too kindly to the attention he's receiving now that the world knows he's shacking up in Queens with his haggy fired schoolteacher "shorty." ("Beauty and the Beast") He also bluntly admitted he didn't love 37-year-old Gina Salamino -- the mother of his child -- and when asked if she loved him, he offhandedly responded, "It is what it is." (Talk about a charmer.) A report obtained under the state's Freedom of Information Law reveals that investigators were initially tipped off about the inappropriate relationship after the then-17-year-old student admitted to an unidentified witness that used condoms and underwear found in the teacher's bedroom were his. (Gross.) Are straight guys -- even good-looking ones -- really this desperate for sex?


Anonymous said...


1426ri said...

Where can we see the Inside Edition video?

Anonymous said...

I sugest that your title cheapens the Hitler metaphor (not to mention millions killed by a crazed man). You should think a little longer before using such a metaphor for such a trite person who will be forgotten by next year. cheers, GP

emily litella said...

News flash, GP. It says HITTER -- not Hitler.

See you in reading class, dumb ass.

Sam said...

I know SEVERAL perfectly adequate single straight ladies who are WAY better-looking than that troll (seriously: she looks like a troll) moanin about how they aren't gettin enough of the sex. It's such an inefficient system!

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