Monday, October 20, 2008

Photo Flashback: 1993

Beach (-bound) Boys: Greg, Kenny and Jim, above
These sure take me back. They're from my first summer in Washington. After leaving Hollywood at the beginning of '93, I had landed at job in the spring at the National Gallery of Art and became fast friends with fellow new hire (and all-around cutie) Jim Kenney. We bonded while having our ID photos taken and before long we were spending all of our free time together. My friend Greg was living in Lincoln, Neb., at the time and flew in for a visit that summer. (The two of them hit if off right away too.) One thing led to another and we ended up jumping in Jim's red pickup truck (pictured above outside my apartment on 16th Street NW) and driving to Rehoboth Beach, crashing my brand-new boyfriend's hotel room he'd gotten with his friends for the week (his pals were none too pleased, but we thought it was sort of hilarious!). Jim and I wound up having a falling out a few months later (forever to be known as Pop-Stop-gate) -- which I did not handle as I should have -- then I ended up leaving my job at the gallery and never saw him again. I later heard he moved to San Francisco, but sadly in the 15 years that have ensued our paths have never crossed. If you're reading this, Jim, I hope you're doing well. Would love to hear from you ...


Anonymous said...

Love the pics from Rehoboth and Denton!! My partner and I have a house there and spend as much time there as we can. I am from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the folks in Denton talk occasionally about changing the name of Gay Street to something else, but it has not happen yet. BTW, I have the same coming out tee shirt!

Anonymous said...

such cute boys!

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