Monday, October 06, 2008

On the Rag, Vol. 6: Madonna Edition

A weekly look at what's on the cover of New York's free gay rags:

With Madonna in town for a week of shows, it's only natural that the free gay weeklies would feature her royal highness on their covers. While the reviews from the first show have been surprisingly ambivalent -- even Matt's not ready to call it love at first sight -- surely you have an opinion as to which cover did Madonna better. (Kudos to HX, for the "flip" front to its Gay Erotic Expo supplement. While either side could technically be considered the cover, we all know -- as is often the case -- that this sexy cover boy really belongs on the bottom ...)

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    Matthew said...

    Oh, boo to you. The AP and USA Today raved. It's a well-reviewed show. I'm just one guy.

    Anonymous said...

    I trust Jon Pareles and one of her biographers over some hacks at USA Today and the AP, although there have been other even less favorable reviews (from other hacks).