Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Bitch Is Back

I know I'm one of the last of the "album buyers," but I just picked up "Break Up the Concrete" -- the latest by Chrissie Hynde and her revolving door of Pretenders -- and I couldn't be more excited. (Well, I could be a little more if I hadn't shelled out another 10 bucks to also download it on iTunes for the three bonus tracks -- and yes, it is an illness). Having just read that the band is playing around the corner from my apartment TONIGHT, I'd probably be despondent right now if not for this (vintage) Chrissie quote in Friday's Times: "I don’t think the world really needs another Pretenders record. But frankly, I was getting embarrassed because we hadn’t made a record in so long. And we were doing a lot of touring, and I just can’t stomach doing those old songs anymore. It’s just torture." While I agree that a new album isn't really necessary -- heck, this growing up stuff is all new to me too, and I don't know the rules about this stuff; do we fans buy everything for life or do we bow out gracefully even if Deb, Cyndi and Madonna don't? -- but I will never get used to my idols copping an attitude about playing the songs that made them famous and put food on their tables for all of their adult lives. Sure, I "get" it. (But really I don't.) I'm guessing tonight's gig is more of a one-off showcase (apparently they were on "Letterman" last night and on the "Today" show today) and by the time they come back to town I will be more versed in the new tunes. (So far, so good. The new stuff has a rockabilly feel to it -- think "Thumbelina 2008.")

Nonetheless, Chrissie's 'tude was always half her charm, so check out the video for the album's first single (if there's even such a thing anymore), "Boots of Chinese Plastic," and you'll see that the tough chick from Akron has still got it ...


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    Anonymous said...

    What a great song- it could easily have been on 'Learning To Crawl' (still my favorite Pretenders album.