Thursday, September 25, 2008

Page 1 Consider (09/25)

  • Fresh Face, Stale Format: Rachel Maddow's new show got a mixed review in The Times today, noting that she lacked a worthy opponent ("mostly she does what everybody else does: she interviews reporters affiliated with NBC and MSNBC for analysis and the like-minded for comfort"). But not being one of the boys on MSNBC is certainly not a bad thing: "Maddow’s deep, modulated voice is reassuringly calm after so much shrill emotionalism and catfights among the channel’s aging, white male divas." Meow. (NYT)

  • MILK VOMIT FRAT PRANK: I try not to brag about where I went to school, but it's hard not to when something like THIS happens.

  • Faces: Debbie Harry's new look certainly is getting her a lot of press. If Madonna "stole" Deb's career then why shouldn't the Sunday Girl turn Material? (Mirror)

  • That Didn't Take Long: The highly inexperienced Luke Russert got hired by NBC News because they felt sorry for him when his well-loved and well-respected dad died, and now he's already having to issue an apology for something he said on air. journalist is supposed to do on the air. (AP)

  • Under the Covers, Vol. 2: I prayed this would happen: Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs are teaming up again for a second album of covers. (You may recall I went wild for the first CD back in 2006!) Having mastered the 1960s (well, one was from the '70s), this time they're moving to a complete '70s set. So far, only "All Good People" by Yes has been named as being included. (Paste)

  • Yawn and Yawner: No shit, Lindsay. And double for you, Clay. What next, Jennifer Hudson's gonna come out that she has a weight problem?

  • Rove Ranger: If Lynne Spears really doesn't know why her daughter Jamie Lynn was "crucified" for getting knocked up while Bristol Palin has been "celebrated" for the same deed then she must be as clueless as her dingbat daughter Britney. It's called the GOP spin machine, Mama. Now just imagine one of Obama's daughters in "trouble" in a few years. (NYDN)

  • Stop the Insanity: Wayne Besen says gay Republicans can no longer say that their party's performance on other matters overrides its unyielding opposition to GLBT equality (wait, could it ever?) and I couldn't agree more. (365Gay) Naturally, there are those who still pretend they don't get it, which I don't buy for a second. We all have our methods for getting attention, what I like to call Ann Coulter Syndrome. Gay "Republicans" are just exercising their right to different for the sake of making a spectacle of themselves.

  • On Location: Just think, if "Seinfeld" had been around today, its Manhattan might have been the real thing instead of a sound stage in Burbank. (NYT)

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