Thursday, September 04, 2008

Page 1 Consider (09/04)

  • Lucky Bitch Alert: Must Cameron Diaz torment us by walking around with her sex-toy of a boyfriend, Paul Sculfor? It's bad enough he's fallen for her bad skin. Can't she just keep him locked up in the bedroom so we don't have to have it rubbed in our face 24 hours a day? (Dlisted)

  • 'Lost in the '80s': The Peacock is plunging further into the '80s with a TV series described as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" meets "The Ice Storm." I'm assuming I'll be getting call from Ben Silverman to be the head writer any minute now. (Is this cell phone on?) (Reuters)

  • Pole Vault: It is safe to say that last week was the first time the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania had ever filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a pole dancing instructor? (NYT)

  • Buried the Lede: Why didn't someone tell me my alma mater, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunication Mass Communication, had gotten the most glamorous makeover in J-school history? Report: The school has new leadership, a new building, a new location, a new curriculum, several big-name hires and research and development centers intended to develop new media products. With the start of classes last week, the journalism school opened its six-story, $71 million building in downtown Phoenix. The facility is more newsroom than classroom. (So is thi$ why they were calling me every day for a year?) (EVT)

  • No Club Cafe: A man accused of taking part in what police call a homophobic attack on four people has been ordered not to enter Boston's heavily gay South End. (365Gay)

  • He Got Milk: Get that Oscar ready, Sean Penn really is Harvey Milk. Check out the trailer from Gus Van Sant's upcoming "Milk" here.

  • Sister Act: Venus Williams had every chance in the world (two set points in the first, eight in the second), but little sis, Serena, hung on to advance into the semifinals at the U.S. Open last night in New York. (AP)

  • Report: Log Cabin Republicans endorse John McCain, gay population yawns. (BAR) (OK, that was mostly me. Some cried foul too.)

  • Musto Gusto: Just who are the nicest celebrities, anyway? (VillageVoice)
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