Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Page 1 Consider (09/02)

  • The Accidental Porn Star: Did hottie Josh Harnett make a sex tape? (MSNBC)

  • Sunny Side Up: How bad can your Grand Slam breakfast be that you'd try to amputate your own arm with butter knife? (SFGate)

  • Target Practice: Why must Target continue to cocktease the Manhattanites? (NYT)

  • Stuff and Nonsense: I guess you could say we've come a long way (baby) when students are being forced to "prove" they're gay before they're allowed to bring same-sex partners to school balls. (Stuff)

  • Alaska First: This Sarah Palin thing just gets weirder each minute. (PoliticalPunch)

  • Remembrance: There's a new Facebook page honoring Del Martin.

  • Dear Amy: Does shit like this still go on in the world?

  • Big Surprise: England wins the Gay World Cup. (Like all those years of lusting after David Beckham weren't an unfair advantage?) (AFP)

  • Chrome: Are we excited about Google's new open source browser? (Register)

  • Size Queens: Twenty-two people of all shapes and sizes strip down, pose, and spill their guts to the Advocate about what they love and hate about their bodies. (Advocate)

  • How Cute: The first lesbian divorce has been granted.(IOL)

  • As the House Turns: Builder Francois Massau sounds like he was a load of laughs: His wife and three of his four children died before he did, at least one, his son Julien, taking his own life. (NYT)

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