Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Members Only

It's days like yesterday that remind me just how happy I am I didn't get sucked into a lifetime on Capitol Hill. That the Repubs broke ranks with their beloved president -- after eight years in virtual lock step with the big-spending, tax-cutting, torture-loving Connecticutan Texan -- and wouldn't even put through their own crappy bailout bill (such cowards they wanted the Dems to have it be their votes so it could used against them at a future date) is just the reminder I need of the true meaning of "government waste." As I tried to tell my ex Rafael way back when we lived in that famous, one-horse town, "Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue!"


Anonymous said...

Be fair- The bill was bipartisan and the dems broke rank too. Fact is, any bail out at all means us poor folk get the shaft. I say make every member of congress and the president fork up the cash out of their own pockets and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

That brings back old memories. I still have my ID as well, but I cut the date off at the bottom and use it to get government rates for travel. Is that like stealing?