Wednesday, September 03, 2008

America the Beautiful

Secession practice? Who knows, with Sarah Palin it's hard to get a straight answer on anything.


Norm! said...

Ha! More disturbing than Palin family the successionist connections is that picture. Where did the picture come from? Is that really her? Are those underage drinkers/smokers behind her? Are those rifles registered?

Scandal seeking minds want to know. :)

Norm! said...

Oops. I suppose I've fallen victim to Photoshop. The headshot appears to be the same as her other crazy headshots.


Anonymous said...

Aside from a useful fly swatter it is also good for getting, a pot-bellied, beer swilling, chain smoking ne'er do well to marry your knocked up daughter who was outlawed from geting condoms at school.

And what was the good mother thinking in dragging out her four month old, developmentally child way past his bedtime, just to show she has a real family values. not to mention all those people passing the kid around like a sack of potatoes to prove how much they care.

It sickens me, I tell you, it just sickens me.