Friday, August 01, 2008

Photo Flashback: 1981

Wasn't I just talking about this hairdo?

My brothers Bill, Terence and yours truly facing a firing squad having a wonderful time on a family vacation to Southern California back in the summer of '81. This looks like the Universal Studios portion of the trip. I have fonder memories of our free time in San Diego where we got to go to the Wells Fargo tennis tournament at the La Costa Resort in Carlsbad (where my parents ended up moving nearly 20 years later) and I met my childhood idol Tracy Austin (who would go on to win her second U.S. Open later that summer). Back at our hotel I also got to demo the newfangled Prince Woodie, perhaps the greatest tennis racket ever. (I felt so Kathy Rinaldi!)


Anonymous said...

Wow a triple flashback--the hair, the knee-high socks, and the Prince Woody. I had one of those once, too.

What do you think--if Roger played Rafa and they both used Prince Woodies, who would win on clay? I say Roger, because Rafa couldn't generate all that spin, and Roger has such perfectly formed, classic strokes.

Anonymous said...

Tube socks! Do they even exist anymore?