Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Page 1 Consider (08/19)

  • Gun Show: Everyone's ga-ga over Rafael Nadal's New York magazine cover. While I can get into the body when I'm in the mood for a 'roid boi, I'm still not feelin' the face. Are we sure he and Mariah Carey aren't the same person? No one has been able to prove to me otherwise. (NYMag)

  • Driving With One Hand on the Wheel: For the life of me, I'm stilling shaking my head trying to figure out how this article about sporty fuel-efficient cars somehow managed to veer off the road into this: "In that vein, I felt no pressing need to mention the usual fuel-saving suspects like the Honda Civic and Fit or the Toyota Prius and Corolla (or the tiny Smart, which tends to get less mileage than meets the eye). Praising those economy-car kings is too easy, like hustling Derek Jeter swimsuit photos at Yankee Stadium." Um. OK. (Automobiles)

  • Cast Your Vote: For its upcoming 60th Primetime Emmy Awards show, ABC is letting you vote on TV's most memorable moments. While I appreciated the inclusion of Chuckles the Clown and the Newhart ending on the ballot, I can't remember anything more memorable than Rhoda's wedding day dash through Manhattan. (ABC)

  • 'Sins' of the Blogger: The Democratic National Convention Committee needs to send a positive message to Catholics by pulling "offensive" blogger Andy Towle's credentials, according to the leader of the Catholic League, Bill Donohue. Naturally, Towle had a few choice words for him. (PageOneQ)

  • Nailed It: Love her or hate her (I LOVE her!), Roseanne Barr is 100 percent right about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. (SMH)

  • Dr. Judgment: I cannot even believe this is something that had to go to trial, but California’s highest court on Monday barred doctors from invoking their religious beliefs as a reason to deny treatment to gays and lesbians, ruling that state law prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination extends to the medical profession. Sadly, I know of many instances where pharmacists have refused to fill prescriptions for people seeking contraception and morning-after pills, and I don't recall any court telling them they had to. (AP)

  • Aussie Outcast: One of the hottest New Zealand rugby players, Sonny Bill Williams, has decided to leave his team behind to take a better offer from the Toulon club in France, a two-year contract reported to be worth $3 million. Needless to say, the fans back home are not happy. (And can you blame them -- would you wanna lose this guy???) (OhLaLaMag)

  • Art Imitates Life: An open casting call for "All My Children" is far from business as usual: The soap opera is seeking an Iraq war veteran to play an injured veteran. The ABC daytime show has created a romantic story line to combine entertainment and a window into the challenges faced after combat, said Julie Hanan Carruthers, an executive producer. (AP)

  • Paging Jenny Jones: A 20-year-old vagrant in New Orleans rewards the man who took him in off the street and clothed and fed him by brutally murdering him. Naturally, an "unwanted sexual advance" was behind the crime ... I'm sure it had nothing to do with making off with the victim's wallet, cell phone and other belongings in his car. (Nola)

  • The Closet Case: Only 10 of the 10,500 athletes competing in the Beijing Olympics are openly gay, according to a study by a gay Web site. (Yeah. Right.) (Reuters)


    Anonymous said...

    Wait . . . isn't women's softball an event at the Olympics? With 9-12 players per team and 10 teams (I believe?) participating @ this year's games, that's at least 90 lesbians accounted for!

    Anonymous said...

    It's pretty accepted, I believe, along the "don't ask don't tell" lines that Mark Foster (English swimmer and the guy who carried the British flag at the opening ceremony) is gay, and his partner is also (closeted) former Olympian and now BBC TV commentator Colin Jackson. I'm posting this because I'm pretty bummed that both think there's something shameful, and a contradiction, about being successful sportsmen and gay at the same time. What a wonderful example they would be to young guys afraid to come out if they were openly out - just two normal, down to earth guys who are at the top of their game in sports, oh and by the way, just happen to be gay.

    The Adventures of... said...

    Rafa's NYMag spread wasn't the best set of photo's, to be fair. I'm a huge fan of body and face, but his face only looked relaxed in the smiling one and the broody one at the end.

    He looks best in motion, stomping around on the court anyway...or near naked in the changing room getting a massage!