Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Page 1 Consider (08/13)

  • Hollywood Meets West Village: While I tried to do my best to explain what a night at Graydon Carter's celebrity-magnet Waverly Inn restaurant was like, this article does a far better job. (NYT)

  • 'Police' Attack: A New Jersey eye doctor is accusing an off-duty NYPD detective and his two buddies of pummeling him after they mistook him for a flasher as he walked to a Fire Island synagogue. David Campeas, a New Jersey ophthalmologist, says the cop and his pals spewed anti-gay epithets, slammed him to the ground and threatened to drown him Saturday. The doctor was freed only after two young girls who said someone flashed them told cops he wasn't the culprit. (NYDN)

  • Who's the Boss? The latest installment of "When Athletes and Celebrities Get Together" is broken down by sport and name. Needless to say, Barry Zito isn't the only person who links up with Alyssa Milano. (NBC Sports)

  • The 43-Year-Old Attempted Murderer: Shelley Malil, the actor who played Haziz in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," has been arrested in connection with the attempted murder of his former girlfriend, who was stabbed more than 20 times leaving her critically injured, authorities said Tuesday. (AP)

  • Olympic Eye Sore: The men's basketball team from Spain doesn't see anything wrong with making fun of Asians. (NYP)

  • Big Bang of a Return: After a well-received guest-starring stint last season, Sara Gilbert will return to (my new fave show) "The Big Bang Theory" full-time in the fall. (Jam)

  • Swiss Cheese Beef: How did I miss this photo of Roger Federer practicing recently in Cincinnati? (TennisServedFresh)

  • Cash for Rhinoplasty: It's bad enough that you get busted for robbing banks. But how embarrassing to have your huge nose be your undoing. (NYP)

  • Attack Dog: Jerone Corsi, the man whose book helped "Swift boat" John Kerry into defeat, is back with a similar style offering about Barack Obama. Although Corsi's claims are false and frequently laughable, the popularity of NASCAR in America is enough to make me think this could be a serious problem: "The goal is to defeat Obama," Corsi said in a telephone interview. "I don’t want Obama to be in office." (NYT)

  • Baby, You're a Rich Man: Brian Epstein's copy of his management contract with The Beatles, a pact that proved to be worth millions, is being offered for sale in London next month.The four-page document, signed Oct. 1, 1962, by John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Richard Starkey -- Ringo Starr's real name -- carries an estimated price of $480,000. The Fame Bureau auction house said Tuesday it had scheduled the sale for Sept. 4 at the Idea Generation Gallery. (AP)

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