Friday, August 01, 2008

Page 1 Consider (08/01)

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Germany's Tommy Haas may have lost to Rafael Nadal yesterday in Cincinnati, but he's still 10 times hotter than the Spanish superstar. (Charmants)

  • Get a Grip: Feminist author Susan Shapiro has gotten herself worked up into a lather about how difficult it was for her to "finally" give up her "addiction to diet soda" (a dozen glasses a day), but reading her essay about her experience I get the feeling Diet Coke is the least of her problems. (Newsweek)

  • Sex Drive: Who wants to take a ride with James Marsden? (OhLaLaMag)

  • Viva, Boston! It's official: all gay couples can marry in Massachusetts. (365Gay)

  • Short Stories: While I'll admit that I wear shorts more often than I should (I blame it on growing up in Phoenix), even I think this is out control. (NYT) And it's all over town. (Who Wears Short Shorts?)

  • Do I Hear Trans Panic? A Colorado man has been charged with second-degree murder in the heinous bludgeoning of a transgender woman. Naturally, he is blaming his victim for her murder yet somehow the DA is only "considering" prosecuting the case as a hate crime.

  • Posh Is Kind of a Muppet: I would have thought David Beckham was more of a Grover man. (Popbytes)

  • Don't Snicker: A look at how seemingly little messages in advertisements can lead to murder. (365Gay)


    southernfriedjordan said...

    In the interest of full disclosure, I used to work with the guy in the middle of the picture accompanying your post about the shorts.... I've always thought that legs were the sexiest part of a man's body, and part of the attraction is that they're often hidden. If this shorts-in-the-workplace trend continues, I'll have to develop a foot fetish. Until they all start wearing flip-flops with their shorts...

    Anonymous said...

    I prefer Rafa. (Best butt EVER)

    r said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Anonymous said...

    I go with chuck's comment. T Haas is prettier but Rafa is WAYYYY sexier

    Anonymous said...

    with no exaggeration, Nadal has the greatest ass the world has ever seen. There was even a contest between himand his great bud, Carlos Moya on Spanish TV and of course Nadal won, hands down

    libhom said...

    Rafael Nadal is hotter, IMNSHO.