Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not the Onion

Sioux City All A-Gaga Over New Olive Garden

From my brother Bill:
This is pretty hilarious. "One reason for his excitement is the ample parking available." And note the pointed reference to the manager as a "bachelor."

In Sioux City's defense, I'm guessing this one is different.


Anonymous said...

"We're known for our soup and salad specials. We have three different kinds of soups."

"During the past week, the Air Force vet whipped his staff into shape, but without the whips, salutes or any military-style discipline."

Methinks Christopher Guest should dispatch his cast and crew to Sioux City. For realzy.

xo Kenneth in the 202 said...

I lived in Huntington, WV, for a few years - just before AND after they got a Red Lobster in town. After years of begging RL HDQ for a restaurant, there was near hysteria when it finally opened. Finally, a fancy restaurant in town! LOL!! And the bit about the "bachelor" manager - all of the small town newspapers do that as a way of letting the single young ladies know who is available. Hell, it usually never occurs to them that a single man is gay - just that he's available and needs a wife.