Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Why Is This Model Smiling?

I'll bet you didn't know I had the power to make a hunky Brazilian model smile, did ya? Read on: You may recall that I recently posted photos of David Chaloub modeling the latest styles from International Jock. Michael was very impressed with David's, uh, work, but I thought he looked a bit stiff and that he needed to loosen up just a bit. Well, yesterday afternoon I received an e-mail from John at International Jock telling me that he'd read what I said and taken it to heart -- and brought sexy David back to take another crack at it. Here's what John had to say about it: "Well, I had him back again for another photoshoot last week and took your comments to heart. I suggested that he lighten up a little bit, relax and smile. Thanks for the suggestion. And, no, we won't ask him to strip completely for the next shoot. We're trying to sell underwear!"

Nice work, guys. I'm definitely smiling now too :-)

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buff said...

AWH shucks.