Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Page 1 Consider (07/09)

  • Lip Service: Jason Giambi wore a mustache late in the 2006 season, but he did not keep it long and it never became a phenomenon. He thinks the fans just weren't ready for his '70s retro look, call him a a man ahead of his time. "The fans weren’t ready for it," Giambi said, but now they are. "Just think, the Big G -- a fashion icon." The Yankees, who ban facial hair below the lower lip, will celebrate hair above the upper lip with an impromptu promotion on this afternoon. The first 20,000 fans to arrive at Yankee Stadium will receive replica mustaches, complete with a wire for shaping, according to the package. Support the ’Stache promotion, an effort to get Giambi voted to the All-Star team through online balloting at No word on whether the Yankees will also be passing out steroid starters kits, complete with syringes for injecting. (NYT)

  • Queens Hate Crime: Four teenagers have been arrested on charges that they harassed and struck a priest who runs a Queens shelter for transgender and gay youth. Some of the shelter’s residents were also attacked, officials said Tuesday. The victims had minor injuries, the police said. (NYT)

  • OMFG: The Times put "Gossip Girl" on its front page this week, but true gossip girls know that they're also going to have to put the show in the corrections section: In the piece, it seems they called Serena van der Woodsen the show's "queen bee" when everybody (like, everybody) knows that honor goes to the one and only Blair Waldorf. (NYT)

  • Trying to Sing a Different Tune: Former Village People lead singer Victor Willis is recovering from vocal cord surgery and has postponed his tour. (At least The Policeman isn't in the slammer again.) (AP)

  • Question: With the likes of Madonna roaming the streets, why do I forget how hilarious those Go Fug Yourself girls are? (Fug)

  • Enough Already: I'm sorry that Christie Brinkley's marriage didn't work out (no different from her previous three), but does she have to drag Peter Cook through the mud just because he likes a little Internet porn? Sex addiction isn't nearly as bad as her cliche addiction. (DailyIntel)

  • Full Circle: Reporter David Dunlap writes about the 25th anniversary of New York's gay and lesbian center -- a topic he also covered back in '83. (City Room)

  • Revenge of the 'Mos? A Houston city worker accused of shooting a co-worker in what her father claims was retaliation for homophobic bullying has been released on bail.(365Gay)

  • Cocky: Red-hot ultimate fighting is considered by its critics to be little more than human cockfighting. (Been there, done that.) (NYT)

  • Love Is a Battlefield: "60 Minutes" babe Lara Logan's steamy tale of war-zone romance has taken a new twist -- she's pregnant and expecting in January. The baby's father is Joe Burkett, the civilian contractor whose marriage Logan allegedly broke up when they had an affair in Baghdad. (PageSix)

  • Bruno's Sexy Time: Crowds in Arkansas came for the lure of cage fighting and $1 beer, but police say what they got instead was men ripping each others' clothes off and kissing -- a stunt that could have only been orchestrated by Sacha Baron Cohen of "Borat" fame. (AP)

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    I am all over that pornstache on The Big G!!! I dunno where the boys have been on this one, but Jason Giambi is a hunk of manmeat worth drooling over. Chunky and hunky, like I like 'em. Are their mustache rides as part of the stache promo??? ;-}