Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Page 1 Consider (07/08)

  • Showman: Does Nick Lachey know how to take a bad picture? (GossipGirls)

  • Sunday Girl: Nicole Kidman gave birth to a girl on Monday and named her Sunday. The newborn weighed in at 6 pounds, 7 1/2 ounces, making her just a pound shy of her mum. (AP)

  • Kiss and Tell: Jesus. If Christopher Ciccone's biggest bombshell about sis Madonna is that she once kissed Gwyneth Paltrow -- on the lips (YIKES!) -- then this book is going to be more tired and embarrassing than The Girlie Show tour he staged back for her back in '93. (UPI) Speaking of tired, Britney's involved in the "Sticky and Sweet" tour now? (People)

  • Les Miserable: Thanks a lot, Mr. Judge: What's the point of letting your lezzie/heiress lover adopt you if you don't wind up with a trust fund in the end? (AP)

  • Apocalypse Now: The venerable New York Times puts "Gossip Girl" on its front page -- but claims it's "only for the fashions." Isn't that like saying you only read Playboy for the articles? (NYT)

  • Film Outing: In its 26th year, Outfest reflects the community's increased integration into the mainstream. Filmmaker Stewart Wade has been attending the gay and lesbian film festival since he was a kid growing up in Southern California. Seeing movies that "spoke to my life so clearly," like the seminal 1986 AIDS drama "Parting Glances" with Steve Buscemi, inspired him to make movies himself. He talks to the L.A. Times about his latest project and why it signifies a change in the types of movies gay and lesbian filmmakers are now allowed to make. (Read more)

  • Anita Bryant Presiding: It seems Charlie Crist, Florida's fag governor, will do anything to get on McCain's presidential ticket -- even propose marriage to a yucky girl! (BuzzFlash)

  • G-Unit: A new study shows that gays in the military do not undermine unit cohesion. (Huh-huh. I said unit.) (AP)

  • Force Quit: Orally impaired actress Drew Berrymore has decided she's more of a PC woman after all. But didn't she forget to marry this guy? (UsWeekly)

  • Not-So-Top Gun: The tabloids are calling this photo of Tom Cruise "Days of Blubber," but I wouldn't exactly go that far. It is nice, however, to see that even billionaire A-list celebrities have to watch what they eat just like the rest of us or else ... (DailyMail)

  • Nothing Better to Do: The American Family Association is taking on the nation's largest fast food chain calling on its members to boycott McDonald's over the company's support for the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. These people should have real problems in their lives. (365Gay)

  • Lube Job: Anyone up for oil wrestling in Turkey? (TreyCruz)

  • Thank You for the Music: In case you were wondering, ABBA still isn't reuniting. (AP)

    Anonymous said...

    I seriously thought the picture of Tom Cruise was the back of the pregnant transman. Wow.

    Anonymous said...

    Come on Mr Ciccone..What I want to know is if Sean Penn really tied up Madonna for over 10 hours and stuck her head in an oven..