Monday, July 07, 2008

Page 1 Consider (07/07)

  • Not Just Jack: Sean Hayes is coming to the New York stage, boys, alongside Jane Krakowski and "Xanadu" hunk Cheyenne Jackson in "Damn Yankees." More interesting, though, is the series he has in the works called "Bi-Coastal," about a guy with a wife and kids in California and a boyfriend in New York. (NYT)

  • The Larry Effect: If other people aren't your style, is a pet a healthy alternative? (WeekInReview)

  • Sigh of Relief: Onetime "Bachelor" Andrew Firestone married Serbian model and actress Ivana Bozilovic over the weekend. Just knowing that a young, gorgeous heir to a multi-billion-dollar empire could somehow manage to find someone to marry him without the help of a reality television dating show must give all singles hope, huh? (AP)

  • Ivy League Ex: But how soon before the Ellen Barkin School for the Humanities? (NYT)

  • Reese's Man: Lovin' the beard, Jake. The facial hair too. (PITNB)

  • Hungary Like the Wolf: Dozens of aggressive protesters clashed with police escorting a march by gays and lesbians through the center of Budapest over the weekend. (AP)

  • Got to Be Real: Dove's self-esteem is down because it's not getting enough credit for building up girls' self-esteem with its "Campaign for Real Beauty." Sorry, Dove, but I'm sure partnering with those cookie-hawking Girl Scouts girls can't be helping anyone's body image, male or female (keep me away from those Thin Mints, bitches). (NYT)

  • Birth Day: It's a girl for the "pregnant man." Thomas Beatie. (Well, at least for now.) (NYDN)

  • Spirit of '76: Madonna needs to lay off the creme rinse. (TMZ)

  • Carrey-ed Away: Jenny McCarthy thinks her son is autistic but I have a feeling he's just doing his best to steer clear of this situation. (NYDN)

  • Boo-Hiss: London Mayor Boris Johnson sported a pink cowboy hat as he led a Gay Pride parade through London, drawing boos along the way from some who remembered his past doubts about civil partnerships. (AP)

  • Free Mustache Rides: Yankees slugger Jason Giambi's pornstache has the sports world in such a tizzy that the Post has assembled a photo gallery of New York's most famous mustaches. Broadway Joe's was a classic, don't you think? (NYP)

  • Potent Quotables: Find out what Ben Affleck has to say about his ex-lover Matt Damon's "weight gain." (People)

  • Cioa, Bello! I think model Mike Slattery looks awfully good in blue. What about you? (OhLaLaMag)

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