Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Music Box: Rilo Kiley

One of my friends thinks indie rockers Rilo Kiley -- led by former child actors Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett -- are the best thing since sliced bread, while my brother Bill thinks their single "Silver Lining" is the only good song on their latest album, "Under the Blacklight." I'm new to the post-1989 music scene, so I don't know what the truth is. But the silver lining of this post (pun intended) is that if I did know anything about modern music anymore I would have placed "Silver Lining" at the very top of my list of Best Singles of 2007. It's really good, which might explain why anything else would be a letdown. Hear more on the band's 

MySpace page here"Silver Lining" ... solid gold


Anonymous said...

I've loved Jenny Lewis ever since Troop Beverly Hills! 'Under the Blacklight' has become my de facto album to get my to grad school and back on the train.

Anonymous said...

I like The Moneymaker from 'Under the Blacklight'

Checkout Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins 'Rabbit Fur Coat' too!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Thanks for the correction, Jordan I always want to call them Riley Kilo because of Lisa Marie Presley's daughter, Riley Keough, the gorgeous granddaughter of The King!