Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mama Mia (Here I Go Again)

While the Broadway version of "Mama Mia" was merely an excuse to listen to ABBA songs for two hours straight, the film version offers that and the glorious Meryl Streep and dreamboat Pierece Brosnan. How can you resist them?
Tom Hanks and his "Mama Mia" producing wife, Rita Wilson; Pierce and Camryn Manheim Keely Shaye Smith
Co-star and consummate scene-stealer Christine Baranski; Tom "The Rock" Ford
And here's newcomer Rachel McDowall, with someone who WireImage lists as a "guest" but looks like the real star to me ... woof!

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huss417 said...

Two things. After seeing an advanced screening I can say Pierce Brosnan should not even try to sing. The movie comes to a complete halt every time he attempts to sing. He is really that bad.

Second: it's Mamma Mia! : )