Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shirtless Wonders

People does a great job ranking the Top 10 shirtless bachelors in Hollywood. I'd settle for any of these five.

Brody Jenner
Brandon Jenner
Andy Baldwin
Andre Birleanu
Chris Carmack
See the rest here.

Not to be outdone, Us Weekly came up with its own list of 10 hottest shirtless dads. Here are my five picks.
Hugh Jackman
Gavin Rossdale
Ryan Phillippe
Justin Chambers
David Beckham

But the usually-dreamy Rob Lowe makes Eric Dane look beach-fit and ready ...
See the rest here.


Anonymous said...

I would take your five ANY DAY! (plus some Brandon Jenner)!!


Anonymous said...

becham a "bachelor"?

Anonymous said...

Beckham isn't listed as a "bachelor." He's listed as a dad.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was out-of-shape. Now that I see Rob Lowe I am doing OK.

Still - time to hit the gym for beach weekends!


Timmy said...

I'll take your leftovers.

Thanx for the pic of Rob Lowe. All of sudden I'm not feeling so bad about being photographed shirtless at a 5K fun run a couple of weeks ago. To think I was worried about MY muffin top.

Fredo777 said...

I've never even heard of Brandon Jenner before, but Brody is looking as hot as ever. Brandon's also pretty hot, for that matter.

I love Andre B., as well, despite how much of a jerk he seemed to be on America's Most Smartest Model.

Unknown said...

Where do I place my order for the Andy Baldwin, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Phillippe triple decker?