Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Page 1 Consider (06/18)

  • He Shoots, He Scores: Ben Cohen is just where most gay guys would like him -- on top. The hunky rugby star won the UK's Gay Times Readers' Award gold medal for "Sports Personality of the Year" and silver for "Sexiest Man of the Year." (Silver? Have the voters not all seen that chest?) (

  • Blessings and Anguish: The California Supreme Court has spoken on same-sex marriage, but the religious issues are far from settled. "It was surreal to watch [yesterday's day of gay weddings] and think, How can I not bless these people?" said the Rev. Kimberly A. Willis of Christ Church United Methodist, in Santa Rosa, who would be charged with violating the United Methodists' Book of Discipline, put on trial and defrocked if she were to officiate at a same-sex wedding. "I can bless a car, and I have. I’ve been asked to bless animals, children, homes, bread, grape juice, but I can’t bless a gay and lesbian couple. That’s unreal to me." (NYT

  • So 1991: The Pittsburgh City Council passed legislation Tuesday establishing a partner registry for people living together in committed relationships. It's awfully cute of them, but then you wondered why those "Queer as Folk" boys were so promiscuous. (365Gay)

  • High Dive: More evidence that coming out is getting easier with each passing day, here's a touching story about 2008 NCAA All-American college diver Greg DeStephen, whose high school friends in Columbus, Ohio, wondered why he "hadn't come out sooner." Greg later overcame some initial unease about his sexuality in the testosterone-heavy world of college sports at the University of Missouri. (

  • The TV Watch: My pal Eric Hegedus has started writing a homocentric TV recap column for called This Gay Week in Television. Check it out. (GayWired)

  • Reading Into the Future: Are you ready for an eBook? (NYT)

  • Gossip Guy: Don't you just love it when extortionists sue other people for ruining their reputation?! Apparently the judge hearing the case of ex-Page Six scribe Jared Paul Stern doesn't feel the same way, however, and stuck it to him in a not-so-blind-item ruling. (NYT)

  • How Embarrassing: Taylor Dayne got arrested for drunk driving then ended up copping a plea of no contest to a reckless driving charge instead. What I'd give to see that scary-ass mug shot! (GayWired)

  • RIP: Cyd Charisse, the leggy beauty whose balletic grace made her a memorable partner for Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in classic MGM musicals like “Singin’ in the Rain,” “The Band Wagon” and “Brigadoon,” died on Tuesday in Los Angeles. She was believed to be 86. They don't make 5-feet-6 glamazons like this anymore. She will be missed. :-( (NYT)


    JohnPgh said...

    Being from Pittsburgh, I can tell you this "token" is necessary because we are living in Pennsyltucky. Earlier this year a group of Republicans tried to push an amendment to our state constitution to prevent gays from marrying. We already have a law on the books that make it illegal for gays to marry. They want to grind us into the ground. In most of the state you can still be fired from your job because you are gay. The city passed a statute that will prevent us from being fired within the city limits. I am thankful that the city is trying to do something to protect and acknowledge its GLBT tax paying citizens.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks Ken for disparaging Pittsburgh for passing a domestic partnership registry ordinance. Given that an anti-gay marriage amendment was again introduced into the state legislature, you'd think any move to promote the recognition of same-sex couples would be worthy of praise. Oh well, I guess we can't all live in Chelsea.

    Anonymous said...

    While I applaud Greg DeStephen for coming out is really a surprise anymore to discover that a diver is gay? From Greg Louganis to Scott Cranham to David Pichler to Patrick Jeffrey to Matthew Mitcham, gay divers are becoming as prevelant as gay figure skaters. (And those photos of Troy Dumais hugging Mark Ruiz can only give us hope for a couple more.) Is this why straight men are so afraid of Speedos?

    Anonymous said...

    I love that fellow Texan gal.

    She was so classy and elegant.

    I LOVE the fact that she appeared in Marilyn Monroe's last movie, "Something's Gotta Give" which was never released.

    I'm sure Marilyn is saying hello and welcome to the Other Side full of love!


    Morgan said...

    Thanks for the link to the article about electronic book readers. I love mine. I've been reading Band Fags on mine.

    Jerry said...

    Wow, everyone wrote so much...I'll keep mine short...BEN COHEN IS HOT!!!!!!!