Friday, June 13, 2008

Page 1 Consider (06/13)

  • Guy From Jersey: Sometimes I really hate my pal James N. Why does he get to take half-nekkid pictures of Ryan White at the Maritime Hotel and collect a paycheck for it? Lucky for us he at least shares the wealth. (FantasticsMag)

  • AmberFondler Alert: It's probably not a good idea to leave your children around youth pastors. (Slog)

  • Worst Week Ever: Poor Madonna. First she gets called out for "borrowing liberally" from Posh Spice(!)'s song "Midnight Fantasy" for her "Miles Away" track on "Hard Candy." (If you're gonna steal shit, girl, at least do it from someone talented! Didn't you see "The Squid and the Whale"?) Then comes word that her formerly BFF gay brother, Christopher Ciccone, has penned a tell-all book about living bitterly in her shadow for 47 years his "Life With Sister Madonna." But as my pal Robby points out, it's a good thing Madonna's face is frozen in a permanent smile otherwise it would not be pretty to see what face she'd be making about now. Time to sit back and watch the fur fly. (ChartRigger)

  • Thank Heaven for Bisexual Asian Midgets: Tila Tequila says she was responsible for the California Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage. (Well then, thanks!) (Gawker)

  • Got Balls? Spanish tennis hunk Fernando Verdasco talks about the charitable inspiration behind his nude photo shoot in Cosmopolitan. (Down The Line)

  • 'Swings' Both Ways: If I were half the critic that Alessandra Stanley is then I would have written this review of "Swingtown." That said, I still like the show way more than she does. (Could that be because Grant Show's character is rumored to be swinging for the other team in an upcoming episode?) (NYT)

  • Think Pink: Congrats to my blogger pal Trent Venegas, whose enormously popular Pink Is the New Blog just got a glamorous new makeover. Naturally a party followed. (PITNB)

  • Circus of the Stars: I think I'd rather be fed to the tigers than watch "Celebrity Circus." But I have to say the beefcake factor is awfully tempting: Christopher Knight and Antonio Sabato Jr. are contestants and Olympic dreamboat Mitch "I was robbed of an Oscar for 'American Anthem'" Gaylord is a judge! (Out In Hollywood)

  • Jenny Jones Redux: Another light sentence for the murder of a gay man. (365Gay)

  • HIV Is Still a Big Deal: A new online serial looks to increase awareness about safer sex among the post-cocktail generation of gay men. (HIV Big Deal)

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