Friday, June 27, 2008

Endowment for the Arts

Size queens of the world rejoice, have I got some nightstand reading for you. "The Big Penis Book" by Dian Hanson is a phallic treasure trove packed with more than 400 historic photos of the biggest schlongs you've ever laid eyes on, plus fascinating interviews with the photographers who captured these spectacular male endowments on film, including rare photos of the legendary John Holmes and other '70s and '80s "icons." I love how this one big-dick specimen was treated like a feral cat and forced to sleep out back with the dogs at some photographer's estate for fear of "what he might do" (to what, the furniture?).

This video is not work friendly, but required viewing for all fans of the dong. (The "waiting for wood" segment is my personal fave.) You can also see photos from the book here. (not work friendly)


Anonymous said...

With Kenneth's love of all things big, I am sure this will end up on his coffee table !

Steve Reed said...

I'm buying this ASAP!