Thursday, May 15, 2008

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  • Cross Your Gay Fingers: By the time I wake up today, the California Supreme Court will likely have already issued its ruling on whether same-sex couples can marry in the state. I'll never forget where I was when the U.S. Supreme Court finally struck down another sanctioned discrimination of gays (aka Texas' sodomy laws). I am only praying that today will be another landmark ruling for equality for all Americans. In some deep-seated way -- and by no fault of my own or theirs -- I almost find it humiliating to be around my own family with their spouses knowing that Michael and I are not recognized by society -- and can't be -- with the same rights and respect as they are. I so want to see this issued righted in my lifetime. (365Gay)

  • Taking a Stand: You've really gotta hand it to John Edwards for going out on a limb and endorsing Barack Obama for president now. What a display of courage. Obama, of course, is thrilled to have his first white male supporter. (AP)

  • Marky Mark Does Men's Health: He may not always be the coolest guy around, but that Mark Wahlberg sure is cute. (BoyCulture)

  • One Tough Cookie: A 15-year-old girl in Dearborn, Mich., wiped out the competition by selling 17,328 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies! (AP)

  • Frank Sinatra Stamps: Who wants to lick old blue eyes? (AP)

  • Don't Call It Love: Dolly Parton doesn't find Howard Stern amusing. (But I do!) (Billboard)

  • Boy Wonder: Photog Adam Raphael has outdone himself again, this time with model Travis Hanson. (OhLaLaMag)

  • A GayBroke American: Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey was crying poor in court yesterday, saying he doesn't have the cash to pay alimony to his ex, Dina Matos. (Might be wise not to go on the talk show circuit next showing off your new mansion, Jim!) (AP)

  • Abba Dabba Doo! Here's a look at sexy Dominic Cooper, who is likely to be the highlight of the film adaptation of the Broadway hit "Mama Mia." (Towleroad)

  • RIP: Larry Levine, the recording engineer who helped create Phil Spector’s groundbreaking “wall of sound” technique on hit records by the Crystals, the Ronettes and the Righteous Brothers, as well as the Beach Boys' legendary "Pet Sounds," died May 8 at his home in Encino, Calif. He was 80. It may be corny to say it, but what the hell? Thank you for making me smile, Mr. Levine. I truly mean that. (NYT)

    James said...

    A Hillary supporter? :-) I'm still not clear where the big differences between Clinton and Obama. Outside of the gas tax, they agree on all the issues Democrats say they are into. The party will be well represented by either on. And before you ask: I'm a proud independent and have no dog in the Cinton/Obama drama.

    Joey said...

    Yup, Larry Levine.....a music great.