Friday, May 02, 2008

Boys (or Girls) in the Trees

Did the recently divorced music legend Carly Simon just come out as being bisexual to reporter Gregg Shapiro of the Bay Area Reporter? (She did wear that blazer on the cover of "Come Upstairs" and she does have HUGE feet.) And does this mean "You're So Vain" might have been about a famous woman then? Jesse Jessie, she can easily change her mind about you ... 

 For both of my lesbian readers (and all you Carly queens I've recently "met" online) I give you the video for "Never Been Gone," from 1979's horribly underrated "Spy" album. I don't think Carly's ever been more radiant than she was here.


 (Thanks, David and Shane.)


Joey said...

I remember the song "Jesse" ("Jessie"?) infuriated certain feminists at the time because the female character accepts the abusive boyfriend back in the end.

zealot said...

I also loved "Spy" as well as "Torch". These are my two favorite CS albums. "Never Been Gone" was unexpected (I think it's the last track on the album) and includes backing vocals from her sisters. It's haunting and beatuiful. Thanks for the clip!