Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Yorkers Love 'A Four Letter Word'

More good news from the world of gay cinema. The new romantic comedy "A Four Letter Word" got off to a gay-fabulous start this past week in New York, playing exclusively at the Chelsea Clearview on 23rd Street, bringing in the third-highest per-screen-average of all films currently in release in America. It was also the highest grossing film at the Chelsea Clearview, topping both "21" and "Stop-Loss," which we foolishly saw Saturday instead. (We're correcting the error of our ways this Friday and going to see Jesse Archer and the boys in action!) On top of being on its way to be a hit, "A Four Letter Word" has received positive reviews, including recommendations from The New York Times, which said it "coasts on a good-natured raunchiness' and describes it as "an endearing romantic comedy that explores gay relationships with low-budget verve" and TV Guide, which said the film "manages to say something smart about gay stereotypes, both in and outside the insular gay community." (I can't wait till Friday!)

Next up for "A Four Letter Word"? The City of Angels, where it will premiere on April 11 at the Laemmele Sunset 5 in Los Angeles, and at the Palme D'Or in Palm Springs. Director Casper Andreas and the film's stars will be at the 7:40 p.m. screening at Sunset 5 on April 12 for a Q&A, that will be followed by an opening weekend party at Here Lounge in West Hollywood. On Sunday April 13 they will be at the 6 p.m. screening in Palm Springs for a Q&A. Opening weekend party at Tropicale to follow.

In addition, the film is opening at the Gateway Theater in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on May 9 and Cinestudio in Hartford, Conn., on May 23. More cities to be added soon. Visit the film's official site here.

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Anonymous said...

Kenneth, I have to warn you... I saw this movie at the Provincetown film festival last year and thought it was terrible. I'm curious to see your review.

Anonymous said...

You just can't account for (gay) taste. I saw it on Sunday, there was a q&a w/ some of the cast. When I was in my early 20's I saw Parting Glances, so maybe my expectations for 'gay cinema' are a bit rarified. Yes, 4 letter word is cute and raunchy, but also really shallow, sophmoric and ultimately totally forgettable.

Paul said...

I saw both A FOUR LETTER WORD and SHELTER last Friday and thought AFLW was by far the better movie. I agree that, when it comes to screenplays, it's no ALL ABOUT EVE, but it's a pleasant enough comedy. There was some Q&A at my screening too, and it was mentioned that all the men in the movie are gay in real life, so that was a big plus for me having just suffered through gay-for-pay performances by Brad Rowe and Trevor Wright in SHELTER.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Boys -- I saw it and I LOVED it! To not love it is to miss the whole point. It's low-budget, it's campy and it's silly -- but it's also well written and has something to say. It's no "Parting Glances," but you'll recognize some of the fags you've known over the years in this. And if you ALLOW yourself, you'll have a great time!

Anonymous said...

I got a call about this movie opening in ATLANTA on June 13. They are having the after-party at the bar I work at.. Blake's. Fun times!