Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Music Box: Carly Simon

I can't get over how sexy Carly Simon looks on her just-released new album, "This Kind of Love." (If you're up reading this early, look for her on "Good Morning America" right about now!) I understand Carly played a private concert last night at the very intimate Joe's Pub here in Manhattan. (I wasn't invited but I know someone who was. How was it, John?) Until I have a chance to review the new album, I'll leave you with two videos -- something old and something new.

"Why" is an overlooked gem of a song Chic produced for Carly for the "Soup for One" film soundtrack back in 1982. Carly had angered her label with the standards collection, "Torch," in 1981 when they wanted a strong followup to 1980's smash, "Jesse." With the momentum slightly broken, "Why" stalled at No. 74. However, the song turned out to be a surprise hit in the U.K., where it flew straight into the top ten. In what was considered somewhat groundbreaking back then, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards had just collaborated with another famous caucasian -- one Debbie Harry -- on her debut solo album, "Koo Koo." ("Jump Jump" was also used for "Soup for One.") Rodgers, of course, would go on to much greater success producing David Bowie and Madonna in the coming years. But pound for pound, "Why" is my favorite song he (and Edwards) produced during this era.

"This Kind of Love," from Carly's new album

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