Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kissing Cousins

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was written by guest blogger Frank Anthony Polito.)

Okay, this is my last post for the day... I must get to work on DRAMA QUEERS! (the "companion piece" to BAND FAGS!, in case you missed that part)

While I've been getting alot of positive feedback from (212) readers (except for the anonymous backlash comment I got for referring to Hell's Kitchen as "Hell-sea," and for which I sincerely apologize), I still feel like I'm not giving you loyal readers enough of Ye Olde Eye Candee... So here goes!

If you're not a fan of As the World Turns, this fine young man (all of 28 y/o), is none other than Dylan Bruce, aka Dr. Chris Hughes, a most welcome addition to the town of Oakdale, IL.
(The second photo is from 24, which I will admit I've never seen.)

You may or may not know, but I'm a "soap" fan, also known as "Daytime Drama." While I don't watch them all, I know alot about them, having started with Young & the Restless back in the latr '70s with my mother back in Hazeltucky. Her mother before her (my granny) was an avid soap watcher (Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow, Secret Storm--all now defunct.)

I, myself, got hooked in the mid-80s on Days of our Lives, which, if you take the time to read BAND FAGS!, you will learn all about. (Our protag, Jack Paterno, is "totally in love with" Kristian Alfonso, aka Hope Williams-Brady.)

As "whatever" as it may sound, I'll admit that the main reason I ever wanted to be an actor was because I has aspirations of one day being on Days (which is what die-hard fans call it.) Sadly, that day never came, but I have appeared on One Life to Live (see video clip of me as the photographer at Todd and Blair's wedding circa early 2000-something)

These days my "soap"-related aspirations have changed, and what I really want to do is write for them. Which is why I began watching ATWT (which is what die-hard fans call it) a little over a year ago, after being introduced to the woman in charge of hiring the script writers by the Executive Producer, a Carnegie Mellon alum (along with Van Hansis, aka Luke Snyder, which I forgot to mention in my earlier post!)

Next I'd like to share with you a fine lad by the name of Billy Magnussen, aka Casey Hughes. Dr. Chris' older brother Tom is Casey's father, technically they're uncle and nephew, not cousins.
I've just now learned that Mr. Magnussen appeared in the Roundabout Theatre's recent revival of Terrence McNally's The Ritz. Again, I didn't see it, but I'm happy to know he's got at least some "training!"


Richard said...

It's nice to see another admitted soap fan...Oh the passing of Another World..The Edge of Night. Ryan's Hope..but when they were story driven and speedo wearing shows.

Anonymous said...

I am a Y&R fan for many years(decades). They are this close to "jumpin the shark" in my opinion... they could use your writing skills. the 'Gloria Abbot" story line changes every twenty minutes and is so disjointed you can't possibly keep up and I am begenning to not care. There are other story lines(to many to mention)that have become very tedious. Is it just I?????? comment? readers comments? HELP!

Brechi said...

ATWT is one of the only constants in my life. I think I've been watching it on and off for about 15 years now.

libhom said...

I think the guy who plays Holden is totally hot.