Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just a Minor Problem Here

Hands, ladies!
Nice kilt, Nick!
Like the Cardinals' 2007 season wasn't embarrassing enough?

You've gotta love Matt Leinart -- Heisman trophy winner, professional quarterback and father of a 1-year-old boy -- and 48-year-old boy bander Nick Lachey for still knowing how to throw a kegger. All of these "friends" they're partying with are underage -- and I can hardly wait for Vanessa Minnillo to put the smackdown on all four of 'em at once. (Source)

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Anonymous said...

I saw an article about this a few days ago on

The photo there was an edited version with the girl's mouth on Matt's crotch.

Today that site has another photo of a guy with a wine bottle on his crotch, with Matt "going down" on the bottle.

The Cardinals are not pleased.