Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ivy League

As regular readers know, Michael and I have been away on our annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles (fun) and Phoenix (family). One of the funnest things on the trip was when Michael "surprised" me with an early dinner (late lunch?) at the famed Ivy restaurant. Although we didn't run into Lindsay or anything (an alert blog reader did tip us off that Belinda Carlisle was lunching at Hugo's, however!), I have to admit that as a non-foodie I totally "get" why people love this place. It's as adorable as can be (like a little French country house, with flower-patterned china and a white picket fence) and the nouveau American cuisine was absolutely to-die-for! Michael had a house salad (filled with beets -- yum!) and a Margherita pizza. I went for a Caesar salad (filled with anchovies) and the lobster ravioli special (god, it was good!). As we left -- stomachs more than full -- I noticed a bunch of photographers camped out in their vehicles up and down Robertson Boulevard (mmm, do they really lurk around like that or had they been tipped off by Britney's people?) and I realized I was finally beginning to better understand fat people. Next year? STK!!!

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Anonymous said...

That Michael sounds like a Sweetie, and pretty cute also.