Friday, March 07, 2008

Guy Ritchie's 'Snatch 2'

Is this completely necessary?

Two things about Ingrid Sischy's upcoming piece in Interview about Madonna:
1. I think she got a raw deal for her decision to adopt a child from Malawi. The work she has done for this impoverished and little-known country should be nothing but commended.

2. Old bitch needs to keep her legs together. (Chart Rigger agrees.) I can hardly wait to see the look of surprise on her face when Lourdes has a kid at 15.


Unknown said...

that second comment is so weird. You try and be like other blogs in one comment and your normal boring self in the first. You probably won't post this because you'd be butthurt. Grow up!! Lets see you in 10 years when your fifty

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

You hit the nail on the head, Dylan, even if you're too retarded to realize it.

YES, LET'S see me at 50. I'm 40 and I don't dress like I'm 18. Get it????

Anonymous said...

not only is it sad and age-inappropriate, she's repeating herself again and again and again. open your heart to me, baby!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is that "Dylan" thinks this blog is written by someone who is so "boring," yet he's at home reading and commenting on it on a Friday night!! (Point and laugh.)

Anonymous said...

Guys, Madonna is in the show business. She is starting to promote her album thus the interview and these provocative shots. It's her job!

Anonymous said...

Come on, people! Even the most ardent fan has to admit she looks like Britney and is re-enacting a bad Christina Aguilera video from 2002.

If the elderstateswoman Madonna needs to get dirrty, can't she at least do it in a more original way?