Friday, March 21, 2008

Another 'Trick' Up Her Sleeve?

I was a huge "Beverly Hills 90210" fan back in the day, but Donna Martin wasn't the reason why. (Come on, it was all about Brenda Walsh!) But in 1999, Tori Spelling branched out and co-starred in Jim Fall's delightful "Trick" (probably my favorite gay film of the '90s) and I've been a huge fan ever since. (Bring back "So NoTORIous"!!!) Now comes word that Ms. Spelling is starring in a new gay romantic comedy, "Kiss the Bride," in which she plays a bride-to-be whose fiance's ex-lover (a guy) shows up to rescue his old love from making this huge mistake. (Truthfully, I don't know how huge of a mistake it would be. What gay or bi guy wouldn't want to marry Tori Spelling? Think of the shopping and the parties and access to Candy and the mansion, but ...) Along the way the ex -- played by the sexy Philipp Karner -- must deal with the fact that he may still be in love with the groom-to-be (hunky James O'Shea, below) despite knowing he's fast becoming BFFs with the fiancee he wanted to sabotage and despise.
A supporting cast that includes Joanna Cassidy (the best thing that ever happened to "Six Feet Under"), Tess Harper and Tori's real-life husband, Dean McDermott as The Plumber (nice work, Donna!), with director C. Jay Cox ("Latter Days") at the helm, and a screenplay by first-timer Tyler Lieberman (a graduate of the University of Michigan Film/Video Program who worked as a production assistant on the brilliant "TransGeneration"), a quick view of the trailer (click here) makes this look like a first-rate production that I can't wait to see.

"Kiss the Bride" opens April 18 in select cities. Click here to see if is coming to a theater near you.


Steve Reed said...

OK -- this looks awesome!

Rick said...

I vaguely recall that Tori had a lil singing number in Trick and that I liked it and was surprised at her talent.