Thursday, February 21, 2008

Page 1 Consider (02/21)

  • The Plot Thickens: Wow. That professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College who found a noose on her office door last fall has now been found to have plagiarized the work of a former colleague and two former students. (They expect many other victims to come forward now, too.) The investigation of Madonna Constantine had begun more than a year before the noose incident and has to call into question whether she was involved in the heinous act, perhaps as a way of diverting attention from her own misdeeds. Although the 18-month plagiarism investigation was conducted independently of the university by the law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed, and they found 36 passages from her work that borrowed substantially from others, Constantine saw the results in other black and white terms -- calling the investigation "biased and flawed" and saying: "I am left to wonder whether a white faculty member would have been treated in such a publicly disrespectful and disparaging manner." She neglected, however, to mention that the former colleague she is accused of stealing from is also a "woman of color." (NYT)

  • Crazed System: For those who haven't heard, the Police Department made a quick arrest of the man who murdered the Upper East Side therapist last week, and seriously wounded another. The killer was diagnosed with schizophrenia 17 years ago and when you read what his family has gone through over the years trying to get him help you will agree that the dead woman's survivors should go after the state of New York for its refusal to help. (NYT)

  • The Bedroom Is Ready for Its Close-Up: When superrich people get bored, they hire photographers to create picture books about their apartments in Manhattan and weekend houses in the Hamptons. (NYT)

  • He-Men: The cast of 20th Century Fox's superhero drama "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" has expanded to include (212) faves Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Kitsch. (MovieWeb)

  • Come Hill or High Water: Frustrated by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's flagging presidential campaign, prominent California Democratic operatives, including a former Clinton White House aide, are organizing an independent campaign aimed at raising millions of dollars to help boost her chances. The group's new television ad was designed for Ohio, which holds its primary March 4. The ad was posted online yesterday, and is expected to start airing later this week. (LAT)

  • Identical Blondes: The whole idea that an honorable man like John McCain -- who only helped enable Charlie Keating to destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of people -- could have had an affair with a 32-year-old lobbyist during his presidential bid in 2000 is just preposterous. (And you wonder why Cindy got hooked on pills she steals from own nonprofit relief organization.) (NYT)

  • Arrest in Murder: A man was arrested in the United Kingdom on suspicion of murdering an unnamed gay man at a public toilet. A police spokeswoman told BBC News that the victim was stabbed at Walton Bridge in Surrey, a popular meeting place for men. (Advocate)

  • Paging "Dr." Phil: Just what the world needs: Kirstie Alley leaves Jenny Craig and is going to try sell her own version of their crap. (AP)

  • Second-Class Status: Even the governor of New Jersey agrees that his state's civil unions are separate and unequal rights. (Advocate)


    Joey said...

    The NY Times gets mixed reviews from me today. Kudos for admitting that Columbia goofball MIGHT have hung the noose herself (you know it killed them to report that) but a shame-on-you for dragging out a questionable and OLD McCain story (which, if it were true, is still inconsequential). I think the tiebreaker will be if they (and how they) report on the 38 Duke lacrosse players socking it to Durham with lawsuits today.

    Travis said...

    Xmen and Ryan is a great combo! He seems to have a good head on his shoulders!