Thursday, January 31, 2008

Page 1 Consider (01/30)

  • Eat Your Heart Out, Judy Blume: Author Brian Sloan's first novel, "A Really Nice Prom Mess," is being released in paperback next month by Simon Pulse with a whole new gayer look. The book is about two boys who go to prom on a secret double date that doesn't stay secret for very long and leads to a heap of trouble involving a bisexual Russian drug dealer, some half-naked go-go boys and most of the D.C. Police force. (Amazon)

  • Probing Report: The news team over at reports that civil unions are slow to catch on in the Czech Republic, but come on! Who wants to shack up with all of those Bel Ami boys running around? (Story)

  • Reading List: In "Bang Crunch," gay Canadian Neil Smith’s debut collection of stories, "average people find themselves in decidedly unusual situations, as the mundane and the fantastic collide. The title story zeroes in on a girl with Fred Hoyle syndrome (an imaginary disease named after Sir Fred Hoyle, the real-life British astronomer who criticized the Big Bang theory), whose age expands and contracts like the universe. The members of a support group for people with benign tumors begin to suspect that their meekness has caused their medical woes. A woman mourning the loss of her husband finds solace in talking to his ashes, entombed in a curling stone." (Amazon)

  • She Works Hard* for the Money: Forbes names the Top 10 Cash Queens of Music and you guessed it, just like in bed Madonna's right on top. (AP) (*lip-syching and dancing at the same time is hard, right?)

  • Fresh Prince of Mumbai: Gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, who was absolutely adorable on Oprah earlier this when he discussed his "unconsummated marriage" and coming out in a country where homosexuality is still illegal under an archaic 1861 law put in place by British colonists, says he plans to adopt a child so that he will have a royal heir. (Towleroad)

  • Cover Girl: Kathy Griffin's got Farrah's famous hair and the Advocate photog Mike Ruiz's got the angel's Pearl Drops teeth.

  • Best Man -- Ever: Did you know Colin Farrell has a 'mo brother? And guess who is standing up in his gay wedding? (PinkNews)

    li>Hoosier Daddy, Now? Indiana's Senate has approved a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would limit marriage to opposite-sex couples. There are tears in the hearts of one Wakarusan tonight. (365Gay)
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    mattrett said...

    Madonna has done some tracks ("Sorry" comes to mind) lip-synched, but she sings most of her concerts these days, thank you very much...she sounds great live on those ballads and mid-tempos where her voice is undeniably imperfect, infinitely appealing and unmistakably Madonna.

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