Monday, January 28, 2008

Kathy Griffin's 'A' Moment

Be sure to pick up the Hollywood Issue of the Advocate, featuring Kathy Griffin's famed cover shoot (I guess she passed the "test."). While she teeters on tranny in a few of them (or is more drag queen?) , the photos and the better-quality hair dating a billionaire has gotten her have the funny lady looking better than she has in years. The article is disappointing, though. I see what Corey Scholibo was going for ("I assumed we would meet and become instant best friends"), but when things didn't pan out the way he thought they would he ends up rehashing previously reported stories about Kathy instead of trying to get anything new out of her. (Why didn't he ask about the Bora Bora vacation she's hosting or the "Pink Flight" on Air New Zealand on which she will serve as a guest "flight attendant" -- both of which were obviously booked to make for fun storylines on "My Life on the D-List"?)

Besides the Kathy stuff, there are great articles about K.D. Lang's new album, Gus Van Sant's upcoming Harvey Milk biopic, a behind-the-scenes look at LOGO's "Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show" and a look at 10 films you didn't know were gay. Probably the best issue I've seen of the Advocate in years, despite the so-gross-I-can-barely-touch-it crepe paper it's being printed on these days.

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