Thursday, November 29, 2007

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  • Good Tidings: My 10th Christmas season living in New York City and I missed the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center again. I sure didn't miss stopping by as a tourist in 1985 ... (NYT)

  • No Cruise Control: Citizens of Washington state are outraged that taxpayers paid for the trip that former Rep. Richard Curtis took to Spokane where he became embroiled in a gay sex scandal. I'm so sure. Who else should be paying for these "family values" getaways? (365Gay)

  • I Feel the Earth Move: How magical (pardon my Drew Barrymore) would it be to see old friends James Taylor and Carole King together on one stage? (AP)

  • Head Scratching: You just read the lede and wonder, is this really going on in America? "Two conservative Christian groups have asked a federal judge to overturn a California law prohibiting discrimination against gays and transgendered students." (365Gay)

  • Nobody Else: How big of an '80s reject are you? Do you remember Levi's model turned Madonna protege Nick Kamen? My friends Mark and Matt sure do!

  • Snappity Snap! I didn't watch the GOP "debate" last night, but it was on in the newsroom and the one thing someone pointed out to me is that one of the questions posed (via YouTube) to the all anti-gays-in-the-military candidates was: "Why do you think U.S. troops aren't professional enough to serve with gays and lesbians?" (God, I love this man!) (365Gay)

  • Benedict Canyon: "Hills" villainess Heidi Montag tells Blender magazine that she plans to win an Oscar. Good luck with that -- although I will admit she is by far the best part of the faux-reality show. (Blender)

  • Killer Drag Queen: French police have arrested a 68-year old man on suspicion of killing 18 young men, most of them gay, during a 22 year period. The arrest of Nicolas Panard was reported Wednesday by the regional newspaper L'Alsace. Panard is described as gay and a longtime resident of the area near the Swiss border who regularly performed as a drag artist in gay clubs throughout France. (365Gay)
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