Friday, November 02, 2007

Page 1 Consider (11/02)

  • Dream Lover: I'm dying over this face-to-face photo of me with my college dream hubby John Bolger my friend sent me taken at the "Parting Glances" restoration party the other night. Twenty years in the making, it looks like I'm finally about to make my move on him (if I had one). Don't just trust me that it was the most wonderful night ever. Go visit Matt's site for lots more new photos and video footage from the fascinating Q&A that followed the screening. (BoyCulture) And click here to see my complete set of photos from that night.

  • Manhattan Murder Mystery: The city is abuzz about the brutal murder of former Ramones manager turned real estate broker to the stars, Linda Stein. The ex-wife of Seymour Stein, who famously signed Madonna to Sire Records all those years ago, it was finding a place for Madonna that put Linda on the real estate map in the mid-'80s and she never looked back. "I had a great visit with Linda and Seymour backstage after my show last year at Madison Square Garden, and we of course reminisced about the good old days," Madonna said. "I deeply admired her courage in her battle with breast cancer, as well as her career success." Stein's daughter found her body Tuesday night face down in the living room of the Upper East Side apartment, where she lived alone. There were no signs of a break-in or robbery, and police said they had no motive or suspects. An autopsy found that Stein, 62, died from blows to the head and neck, a medical examiner spokeswoman said Wednesday. (AP)

  • Sunday Magazine: The article we've all been waiting for. (Source)

  • So Trans-parent: A Scottsdale bar owner under investigation by the Arizona Attorney General's Office for barring transsexuals says he has lifted the ban, but will not permit the trans woman who filed the complaint into the establishment. (Who's being a diva now?) (365Gay)

  • 'Make Every Shot, a Crotch Shot': The head of a leading Japanese ad agency secretly snapped crotch shots of tennis star Maria Sharapova as she posed for a popular Canon camera ad in 2005 -- then passed the photo around to colleagues, a federal lawsuit claims. Toyo Shigeta, chief executive officer of Dentsu Holdings, used a telephoto lens to satisfy a perverse obsession with photographing women's private parts, according to a suit filed by the firm's fired former creative director, Steve Biegel. I bet he wouldn't have done it if he'd known what a dismal season she'd have just two years later. (NYDN)

  • Writers' Strike: Oh, no! What will we do without any new episodes of "According to Jim"? (NYT)

  • Just (Bi) Curious: Why would Neal Boulton, a straight, married-with-kids man be writing something like this (above), even if he is the new editor of Genre magazine?

  • Justify Her Contract: Is Madonna about to go on tour again? (BoyCulture)

  • How Progressive: The Los Angeles City Council agreed Wednesday to reinstate policies banning discrimination in the hiring and promoting of gays and lesbians in the Los Angeles Police Department. Next up? Reinstating a policy against endlessly bludgeoning unarmed black men for fun. (Advocate)

  • Grow a Mo: Would you go all Tom Selleck to benefit a good cause? (NYDN)

  • The Gay Ceiling: A survey of gay and lesbian employees across the U.S. has found that "fears about disclosing a gay identity at work had an overwhelmingly negative relationship with their career and workplace experiences and with their psychological well-being." (365Gay)

  • The 'R' Word: No one ever accused Dog the Bounty Hunter of not being an idiot, but this has to be the most retarded thing anyone has ever done. Nothing says "I'm not a racist" like screaming "nigger" over and over again as you explain how much you're not a racist. I can hardly wait for Don Imus to interview him on his new show. (AP)

  • Two Out of Three Ain't Bad: Don't you hate it when you murder your parents to "spare them grief" when you commit suicide but somehow you're unable to do yourself in? (365Gay)

  • The Principal Is Your Pal: Just because you're the principal of a Catholic school doesn't mean you can't loiter in a high drug trafficking and prostitution area wearing leather and fishnets. (SmokingGun)

  • It's His Party and He'll Stay if He Wants To: Sen. Larry Craig won't go away and suddenly the GOP isn't telling him to. (The Hill)

    Anonymous said...

    Actually Neal Boulton is out as bi. No big mystery there.

    A-list said...

    That has been all the conversation in this part of the state. They are more focused on him in drag than the prostitution part. Check out my site for links to the tv stories.

    Anonymous said...

    "Just (Bi) Curious: Why would Neal Boulton, a straight, married-with-kids man be writing something like this (above), even if he is the new editor of Genre magazine?"

    Maybe because he IS gay?

    "From Page Six

    FORMER Men's Fitness editor Neal Boulton, who sprinted out of the closet this year when he publicly made out with Jann Wenner outside the Time Warner Center, is being harassed - for acting too straight. "Some p - - - ed-off gay-activist types bombarded me over the weekend as I walked hand in hand with my children. One threatened to call Page Six to 'out me' as a straight fraud," Boulton, who now edits gay-lifestyle magazine Genre, told us. "The other guy barked that I had no right editing a gay magazine because of all the women I slept with. I would have clocked them had my kids not been in tow. Yeah, I did spend the weekend at [my wife] Claire's, but I do that all the time. I try to get as much time in with the kids and Claire . . . [Bleep], she's the mother of my children." Boulton assures us he is quite gay, and we're inclined to believe him. He recently asked gay-porn king Michael Lucas for a bit part in an XXX video. "

    Anonymous said...

    I think you missed that in an issue or so ago, his first, he very forcefully says he's gay, and claims to have been all but the T in the LGBT or something like that. Off the record, I can't S T A N D his writing; he's very fake-macho. "guys who bang hot chix in bathroom stalls are lionized" etc. Come ON, that does NOT happen that often, whether he wants to believe str8 bathroom sex is fast and furious or not, but tjust his phrasing is so phony-cojoney.

    Anonymous said...

    Tell Cathy Renna to quit trying to cockblock you.

    Criticlasm said...

    I *heart* John Bolger. I loved PG when I saw it Freshman year, and I met Richard Ganoung at Outfest here in LA when he came out for it--what a nice guy. I've located to the 213 from the 212, but I have to tell you when I saw your picture in the parting glances pics, I thought "who's that handsome guy." So--just a compliment to make your day hopefully. :) Nice blog.