Friday, October 12, 2007

Speed the Plow

Madonna plows through the exit after seeing the off-Broadway show "Celia," which chronicles the life and times of the legendary Cuban singer Celia Cruz. Fun glasses, although I wonder if Madonna has 20-20 vision ... she certainly saw well enough to get out of Oakland County, Michigan. (But then again, didn't we all?) (WireImage)


Anonymous said...

Did Madonna steal Britney's VMA weave? What is up with that hair?!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty tired of people like you bashing Michigan for no apparent reason. If you are so blissfully happy in NYC, why should it matter what you left? Perhaps you are trying to make yourself feel better about the overpriced mall you choose to live in?

Anonymous said...

People from Michigan are allowed to bash Michigan, honey. Didn't you get the memo?