Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Afternoon Headlines

  • Heath Shuler Redux? Hunky Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart is out for the season. I wonder which one of his "friends" he's going to impregnate this time. (AFP)

  • Robotic Relief: But can you program it to give happy endings? (AP)

  • Seriously, Though: I think it's horrible that Khadijah Farmer got tossed from a restaurant in the Village because the owners thought she was a man using the women's room (she's suing them now). But what if I wore a dress to Elaine's and went into the men's room -- what would I expect to have happen? (NYP)

  • Roll the Dice: But isn't this just the type of guy you would want to be mayor of Atlantic City? (AP)

  • Captain of My Heart: If Chris Pine is the new Captain Kirk then I might be forced to see my first "Star Trek" anything. (HollywoodReporter)

  • Unhealthy Living Is His Prerogative: Bobby Brown suffered a mild heart attack. (AP)

  • Like High School Doesn't Suck Enough? A student opened fire inside a Cleveland high school today, shooting and wounding several people and creating moments of sheer terror for students, school officials and parents. He then apparently shot and killed himself. News media reported that the gunman may have been a 14-year-old student, and that he died after a brief manhunt by police inside the school, which is housed on several floors of an office building on Lakeside Avenue. (NYT)

  • Dear GOP: Even the fake Dear Abby supports gay marriage. (AP)

  • The Lexicon of 'Love': Larry Craig's "wide stance" is made official. (AP)

  • Ivy League Hate: A hangman’s noose was found hanging on the door of a black professor’s office at Columbia University Teachers College on Tuesday morning, prompting the police to start a hate-crime investigation. (Good call.) (NYT)

  • Hey, Neighbor: If you notice a cross-dressing mute carrying around a decapitated head in your hallway, Robert Durst might be your new neighbor. (NYP)

    Anonymous said...

    Why the assumption that it's because the Columbia professor is black that the hangman's noose was left there? There are plenty of rotten professors, of all colors, that people would like to see hanged (some justifiably). -Joe T.

    Anonymous said...

    I wonder which one of his "friends" he's [Matt Leinart] going to impregnate this time.


    James said...

    So now Farmer should wear a dress to make folk sure she's a woman? She offered to prove her gender with ID. That was denied. Also didn't all of this happen during gay pride?

    Kenneth M. Walsh said...

    No, but there was a recent story about transgender women who were kicked out of a women's room in Scottsdale, so I think it shows that there's a little bit of wanting it both ways.

    This woman in the Village "presents" as a man. She is specifically wearing a men's shirt and a men's pair of pants. If she had considered herself a transgender man and had been thrown out of the men's room would there not be an equal outrage?