Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Page 1 Consider (07/24)

  • Hottest Male Stars: My pals over at the list-obsessed AfterElton have just released their Hot 100. There are some real winners on it (No. 29, Eddie Cibrian, anyone?) and (of course) Jake Gyllenhaal got the most votes. What I'm not sure about is why Jamie Lee Curtis is on the list (at No. 34). Are hermaphrodites part of the LGBT movement now? (AfterElton)

  • Miss Independent Repentant: Speaking of record label idiots, what does Kelly Clarkson have to apologize for? (AP)

  • Gray Lady's Anatomy? (PageSix)

  • Lost in Translation: Don't you have it when the Feds mistake your trying to collect donations for Muslim orphans overseas for Islamic jihad? Oh, and hold the eggplant! (NYT)

  • Poison Control: Why do all of the potential mates on "Rock of Love With Bret Michaels" look like transsexuals? (WP)

  • Out and About: Tired of spending your whole life hanging out in the gay ghetto? Why not join go to the Guerrilla Gay Bar. Location? You name it! (NYT)

  • DemTube: Democratic presidential hopefuls struggled Monday night to answer questions posed by young, Internet-savvy voters who challenged traditional political labels and the candidates' own place in a broken political system -- and not a single one of them had the balls to say they would fight for an end to systemic discrimination against gays and lesbians. (AP)

  • Contempt of Court: A Spanish judge has ordered a woman to either enter a relationship with a man or turn her children over to her former husband after the court was told the woman is a lesbian. (365Gay)

  • Punishment Doesn't Fit the Crime: In a scene straight out of the award-winning documentary "Cruel and Unusual," Alexis Giraldo was born as a man but lives life as a woman. She takes hormones to feminize her appearance, a fact she says prison officials did not care about even as her male cell mate repeatedly raped and beat her. Now free on parole, Giraldo is suing the California state prison system and several guards over the state's policy of assigning transgender inmates to prisons according to their biological sex, unless they have had a sex change. (AP)

  • The (Puget) Sound of Gayness: Dozens of Washington state gay and lesbian couples lined up to register as domestic partners Monday as a new law went into effect. (AP)

  • Simply the Best: Further proof that that the music industry has its head up its ass: it turns out the legendary Tina Turner was the original vocalist on Santana's huge 2002 hit "Game of Love," but label executives weren't interested and got Michelle Branch to re-record it for the "Shaman" disc. "Queens come and go -- there's only one Tina Turner," Santana said. "I love Michelle, and she did a great interpretation of it. It's just that with all honor and respect to Michelle, there's the girl and there's the woman, and Michelle is unfolding into a woman. ... but it takes time to go from a girl to a woman." Santana says he sent Turner flowers and messages, and was elated that she has decided to allow their version to appear on his upcoming greatest-hits disc. He says her version is still his favorite. (AP)

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    Unknown said...

    ooh Eddie Cibrian haven't seen him on TV for ages! Used to be one of the best bits of watching Sunset Beach (i.e. that he always seem to have his clothes falling off!) SPx

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