Monday, June 25, 2007

CBS News Responds to Discrimination Allegations

The ink hasn't even dried on the lawsuit Richard "Dick" Jefferson filed today against CBS News that I wrote about here first on Friday ("CBS Eye on Homophobia?"), but the fur is already flying. CBS News issued the following statement to FishbowlNY via network spokesperson Sandra Genulius:

The complaint that a press release from Dick Jefferson states he will file on Monday (25) is unequivocally baseless. Mr. Jefferson was terminated at the conclusion of his employment agreement due to legitimate issues with his performance that had been previously discussed with him. His allegations that Linda Mason discriminated against him could not be further from the truth. This complaint reveals a stunningly selective recall of the "facts," both real and imagined, including omission of the extraordinary lengths to which CBS News and, specifically, Ms. Mason, went to airlift him to safety and better medical treatment -- at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars paid for by the Company -- after the attack, which Mr. Jefferson suffered while on a personal vacation. Additionally, contrary to Mr. Jefferson's claims, CBS News also supported Mr. Jefferson's right to discuss the attack publicly and to seek justice, which he clearly did. CBS policy forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation, and the company regularly educates its workforce about complying with that and other employment policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment. We will vigorously and aggressively defend ourselves against Mr. Jefferson's unwarranted complaint and his regrettably vicious and unconscionable attack on Ms. Mason's character.


Anonymous said...

Linda Mason. Isn't she the "lady" that canned Dan Rather. Where did she get her "super powers" and why can't someone stop her before she...

Anonymous said...

Completely predictable press release.

FunMe said...

Yup, typical PR response from CBS.

How STUPID of them not to settle or help out their own employee.

Something tells me thast CBS will lose big time. They will lose not only money but also viewers.

This Linda Mason bitch is the one who needs to be fired!

Anonymous said...

I will not be caught dead watching CBS News ever again. The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric COMPLETELY SUCKS, anyway. Give me the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams any day.

CBS caters to the 50+ straight crowd. Always has, always will. So long, CBS. It was nice knowing ya.

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