Friday, March 30, 2007

Page 1 Consider (03/30)

  • Women With Balls: Tennis legend Billie Jean King has endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton. "What I learned when I first met Hillary, and what I know now, is that she is qualified to lead this country," King, 63, said in statement. "As a young woman, mother, advocate, first lady and senator she has continually shown us she is passionate about improving family issues, health care, equal pay and the challenges that people all across this nation face on a daily basis." (AP)

  • One-Upping Tim Hardaway: Gay slurs not enough for ya, sports fans? Albany Patroons coach Micheal Ray Richardson was suspended by the Continental Basketball Association on Wednesday for calling a fan a faggot and making anti-Semitic comments. Kudos for punishing this one, but I would have suspended him for the way he spells his first name. (AP)

  • Mistaken Identity: I'm glad I'm not the only one who confuses Dick Cheney for Jaclyn Smith. (ConnPost)

  • Northern Exposure: ECanada Now sure knows how to pick artwork for a story about prostate cancer. (eCanadaNow)

  • Game of "Love": Singer Michelle Branch says she has a stalker. I'd have thought she'd be thrilled just to have someone show up at her show at all. (AP)

  • Up in Smoke: Researchers say smokers make unproductive workers. I wonder how they were able to study them, though. They're always on a smoke break out on the sidewalk. (IH)
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