Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jake Outtake

Here's an outtake from the GQ spread of Jake Gyllenhaal last month.

I forgot to blog this, but Michael and I went to see "Zodiac" a few weekends ago. We both enjoyed it. Jake's character is pretty one-dimensional (they never really explain why his cartoonist character becomes so obsessed with the case), but Mark Ruffalo is outstanding as Inspector David Toschi, and it was great seeing Anthony "I have more hair now than I did in Top Gun" Edwards on the big screen again as his partner. (Why wasn't there ever a sequel to "Gotcha!"?) Although the film is a good two and a half hours long, it really didn't feel like it to me. But then again, I sit at home and watch "City Confidential," "American Justice" and "The First 48" on my DVR for hours on end sometimes and never seem to get bored.

"Zodiac" is a highly accurate re-enactment based on actual case files of one of the most notorious "unsolved" serial killings ever, and is definitely worth checking out.

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