Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Patrick Wilson Gets Naked

You may recall how hot and bothered Michael and I were after seeing Patrick Wilson's naked ass steamy sex scenes with Kate Winslet in the great film "Little Children."

Now thanks to Steph and Alek, you can see what all of the excitement is about for yourself in these risque photos from the film after the jump. --->


Anonymous said...

I just came home from the movie and Patrick Wilson just made me gasp out loud! He is so gorgeous I could just look at him for hours! And that ASS! Pure perfection!

Anonymous said...

There's more to Patrick Wilson than meets the eye.

He is a handsome-- wonderful actor.

A wonderful human being....(from what I've read--from fan encouters.

He has a beautiful voice. Sites example: (Phantom of the Opera--Raoul--and the song, "All I ask of You."

A versatile actor: Sites example: The Alamao, Hard Candy, Purple Violets, and Angels in America.

I loved Little Children.

I am so looking forward to new films from him. (Brothers Three, Watchemn, Lakeview Terrace).

As an actor, I think, he is talented and sincere in his work.

Yes, he is handsome and I agree, --he has a wonderful, beautiful body.
But let's not lose sight of his--person.

I think, he should go far in Hollywood, if they give him a chance.

Unknown said...

I think he is a very handsome and very georgous guy I much say that his wife is very bless . I admire her .I would any think to be in her shoe .He has a very beautiful body. I am so attracted to this man I can do anything else but admire him. I hope someday I can need him face to face . A beautiful and 100% man and handsome

Craig R said...

Loved him ever since Angels in America (where he appears full frontal)