Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is Spencer Pratt the Modern Day Eddie Haskell?

Separated at Birth?

Did you hear about all of the trash talk about Nicole Richie coming from reality TV stud Brody Jenner's "camp" (read: his self-proclaimed manager slash publicist slash agent slash stylist slash douche bag Spencer Pratt) in the new issue of Details? ("Meet the Man Who's Screwing His Way to Fame")
Maybe I'm just a sucker for his pretty brown eyes, but I just don't believe Brody is nearly as big a user as this article portrays him to be. Brody better lose his Wally Cleaver to Spencer's Eddie Haskell real fast or else he's going to be finished in Hollywood faster than you can say Lumpy Rutherford ate it. Who is this Spencer idiot anyway? He's not attractive, borderline retarded, and treats his "girlfriend" Heidi on "The Hills" like total garbage. Even Eddie Haskell had the decency to put on an act in front of people's faces.


Glennis McMurray said...

God Spencer Pratt is the biggest d-bag of all time. And, not that it justifies being a douche, but he's not even hot! Gross.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOO spencer pratt is the modern day richard simmons love child ahahahha